Words of Wisdom from The Mighty Mack

Ever wondered why we do the things we do? Because cats live in the moment. If we want to eat, we eat. If we want to nap, we nap. If we fit in the box, we sit. We don’t overthink about what we should be doing right now.

Dear Hooman, I Want You to Know That…

I love you—but I love me more. You do not own me. I OWN YOU. K. Thanks.Bye!

The Mighty Mack’s Guide to Proper Cat Petting: Do Your Job Right!

The curious thing about humans is that they touch cats anyway they like, but then they complain about getting scratched after trying to rub our precious belly.

So that you can have your cat cuddling sessions unscathed and in peace, keep in mind what parts of a cat’s body can be petted and which ones are off-limits.

Cheeks behind the whiskers: Sure!

Why not? We enjoy being petted there. Rubbing those areas makes us release our scent onto you. Don’t you just love it? It means we can be the best buds! Or maybe not.

Base of the chin: Sure!

This part also releases our scent when rubbed. So go for it! Rub gently along our chin’s underside, particularly the spot between the skull and the jawbone. If we turn our head upward while you’re doing it, that means we’re pleased—and you must continue doing that.

Base of the ears: Yes, please!

Go ahead—scratch it. We won’t protest.

Base of the tail: OMG yes!

We love it when humans put gentle pressure at the base of our tail. It’s our happy spot. We couldn’t help purring!

Back: Go for it!

A gentle stroke on the back is always welcome.

Tummy: Stop—just stop.

The belly is the most sacred part of our body. It’s the part we protect against predators who are out to attack us. Stroking it is a no-no. When we expose our bellies during a rubbing session, don’t take it as a sign that we’re allowing you to touch it. If you don’t want our claws to come out and our fangs to bite you, just back off, please. Hands off our tummy!

Legs, paws, and whiskers: Nope!

These parts have sensitive touch receptors, so we don’t like it when they’re touched.

We are cats, not stuffed toys. It can be stressful for us if you pet us the wrong way. So please handle us with care, okay?

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