The Mighty Mack’s Trip To The Veterinarian and What The Heck Is FLUTD

What’s up? Mighty Mack here and I have to touch on an important subject today. Well, everything I have to say is important. But as much as I wish it wasn’t so, every now and then we have to go to the veterinarian. While I trust my human, I don’t trust them to just wing it with my health. I mean, have you seen what they do with their own health? I’ve seen my human drink this liquid to the point of being sick! And not just once but multiple times. No, you certainly can’t trust them to make sound decisions on your health.

And while I’ve spent a great deal of time reading the Cat Care section of PetMD there are still certain veterinary concepts that elude even the Mightly Mack. There comes a time where there is no other choice but to accept the humiliation of being caged in a box and driven to the veterinarian. This is embarrassing to admit but when you start seeing a little bit of blood the choice is clear. My human wanted to try some holistic hippy nonsense but I will have none of that. I need a veterinarian!

So we went to Parkside Animal Health Center in Aurora, CO. My human recently moved us to Aurora from northwest Florida. While I feel I’m much better suited to the beach life, Colorado is okay. Fewer bugs more mice. I can deal. Anyways, the first step is one of the worse. Into the box. Why, oh why did my human pick purple for my carrier I will never know.

cat in carrier on the way to veterinarian
Hurry and shut the door before someone sees me like this!

Once we finally get there I can tell that Parkside Animal Hospital has their stuff together. The layout keeps me in my purple throne away from dogs. And other undesirables. Convenient. For them! We were quickly brought into an exam room. Which is good because I hate waiting. The exam room was simple and tidy. Unfortunately, I then had to listen to the human explain my urinary issues. More embarrassment. The short version is, I occasionally have trouble peeing and when I do it sure hurts. Just as an experiment, I decided to pee in some other locations around the house. Like the bed, the floor or the laundry. You know, just to see if maybe the pain I was feeling was a result of urinating in the litter box. While it seemed reasonable at the time, it did seem to annoy my human. Whatever, my pee smells awesome.

That’s when the veterinarian, who took plenty of time to pet me in all the good spots, said it sounds like I have a UTI that could be a result of FLUTD. Okay, okay. Too many acronyms. So let’s break this down. UTI stands for a urinary tract infection and that’s what happens when bacteria gets involved in your pee parts. FLUTD stands for Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease. Ugh. But the lower part is actually way better than the other option. Lower means it has to do with the urethra and not the bladder. The last thing Mighty Mack wants is a bladder stone.

But this next part was rough. They took a hold of my bladder! While the veterinarian was very gentle, at least it felt like she was trying to be, they got a hold of my bladder and agreed that they could perform a cystocentesis on me.

That…does not sound promising.

And it wasn’t. Okay, I didn’t feel any real pain from this. But still! It was scary!

But to the point. They took a needle and poked my bladder to collect my urine! Here’s a video of what I’m talking about:

But now that I come to think about it…if all humans were trained in such a procedure they could effectively collect our urine for us on a daily basis allowing us to stay in the sun without having to get up and tend to our biological needs. Something to consider.

The Parkside team then ran off with my urine while the veterinarian continued to talk to my human about special diets. The veterinarian then said there was one other thing we should do before we close the case of Mack’s urine. They wanted to radiograph me. While I haven’t been graphically represented previously I was interested. Much more interested than getting cysto-whatever-otised. But that part was over.

The Parkside Animal Hospital website has a great blog post on bladder stones and I pulled a couple photos from that post to show you what the clinic team was looking for. First a normal bladder (which is what yours truly has):

veterinary radiographs of a normal bladder
The arrows are pointing to the bladder. It can be hard to see but look for the little gray shaded circle.


veterinary radiographs of a bladder with stones
Remember where the bladder was? Well, it’s still there but this time filled with bladder stones! Yuck!


But getting radiographed wasn’t as great as I thought it would be. They pinned me down and put me under some kind of beam. They were wearing lead from head to toe and I was just…well I was wearing what I always wear. Nothing! It seemed like I should have had some kind of protection. But after they took a few pictures they looked at my insides. While I felt a bit vulnerable I did appreciate the thoroughness. It turns out that everything inside was good to go. It appeared that I just had some bacteria.

While I didn’t like what was happening, the veterinarian and veterinary technicians made it as pleasant as I think they could. They were always petting me between everything and they seemed to know every spot that felt great. They seemed to really know cats! In fact, I really can’t recommend Parkside enough if you need a veterinary clinic in the Aurora area (seriously check them out). If you live in Aurora, you should go see them. And even if you don’t you should get your human to drive you Aurora from wherever you are just so you can experience some proper petting!

But back to the story. We were back to the exam room and at this point, we had a diagnosis. I had a UTI. And diseases mean medications. And I hate medications! But Dr. E taught my human to do it correctly and it really wasn’t so bad. And Dr. E reminded my human that I should be rewarded after my medication!

So while it wasn’t my favorite place, Parkside Animal Health Center of Aurora is definitely the best experience at a veterinarian I’ve ever had. I give them 3.5/4 Cans of Tuna for the overall animal clinic and 9/10 Power Purrs for the staff.

As for me, I’m feeling better. While I still think about peeing on the bed just for fun I don’t.

At least not today.

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