Cat Resources

All you crazy cat people out there, here are some of the best cat blogs, sites, and YouTube channels to follow. These are all Mack-approved—my cat mom loves them, too.


LoveMeow features adorable cats from all over the world, as well as inspiring stories about human-cat relationships. This site also exists for a noble cause, as it helps in cat rescue events and finding homes for abandoned cats. My human slave makes me read these so I’m more appreciative of my very comfortable home. Some of these cats have had it rough!

Simon’s Cat

If you’re a cat lover and you want to be entertained, head to the Simon’s Cat website and enjoy watching the funny cat videos there. You’ll have a blast learning about why cats behave the way they do. The animations are great and you will likely find that Simon’s cat seems a lot like your cat!

Grumpy Cat

People who can’t get enough of Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce in real life) can follow her official site and her Facebook fan page. There, you’ll find not just photos of the world-famous cat but also updates on events where you can take a glimpse of Grumpy Cat.

Cat Versus Human

The girl behind this blog is so talented and a great storyteller! Through comic strips depicting her life with cats, she is able to come up with stories that every cat owner can very well relate to.

I Can Haz Cheezburger

This is the site that probably started the cat meme craze all over the World Wide Web. This site is just plain funny.