The Mighty Mack’s CATventures

About The Mighty Mack

Meet the dashing Mack—The Mighty Mack, rather—the budding internet sensation.The smartest guy ever. The adorable feline who’s oozing withPAWesomeness.

I am called The Mighty Mack because I am powerful. In fact, I have destroyed almost everything at home. Maybe my hooman should call me The Destroyer instead, right?

About The Cat Nips creator

Hi! My name is Viola Neuman, Mack’s human slave. My feline master asked me to create this blog last year to make this world a better place for humans by spreading his fabulousness all over the internet.

The Cat Nips blog is Mack’s tool for world domination online journal where he pours out his thoughts about humans, cats, dogs, and life in general.

On a more serious note, Mack and I have a pretty interesting story. I met Mack 5 years ago when I was eating baked macaroni (hence the name, Mack) at a café in Ohio. He followed me even after I left the café. We’ve been inseparable since then.

Mack has changed my life in so many ways. Animals are great at teaching us to live in the moment. And Mack is always enjoying every moment. He is the best thing I’ve ever had.