Why I Love Cats


What’s not to love about cats?


Cats provide good entertainment. Surely, you have seen a cat scamper across the tops of furniture, shimmy up the walls and jump down from high places and land right on his or her feet. We call this free entertainment! I wish I could jump around like that!

Even better, cats can be free entertainment for your kids! They sit and watch in amazement, and they laugh heartily. Kids also enjoy playing games with their cats, like fetch, and they like to teach them how to do tricks. When these animals entertain these children, they will stay out of the hair of the adults and have something to do during boring times. Cats are clean- unlike dogs! Hence provide good time and hygiene unlike dogs.

Cats are small and generally inexpensive also nice to cuddle. The reason this is the case is because felines are nothing but big, warm fur balls. If you buy your child a cat who loves to be held, then he or she will cuddle with your young one for hours. Your young one can enjoy companionship while doing homework, and this pet can keep him or her company while sleeping at night. If your child has something comforting to sleep with, he or she will not be scared and feel the need to crawl into your bed to bother you while you are sleeping or taking some time for yourself.

Always remember that cats should be kept in doors. While it may seem like they are born to be wild and jump outside it simply isn’t safe. While cars and other animals are an obvious concern, the unseen diseases that can be present outside are an even bigger concern. Your cat could be exposed to a vairety of diseases they they’re unprepared to deal with!

Keep your cats indoors and keep your cats healthy!


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