Silly Cat!

Cats have different ways of expressing their feelings. Cats are cute, and but some can hurt. Cats love you but they don’t overwhelm you like dogs. They are small and generally inexpensive. Especially if you get a healthy cat. You can predict the health of your cat but ensuring you get a well-bred cat. You need to know how to find a reputable breeder in order to get a quality feline.

silly cute cat
Another funny feline!

My cat is very physical in expressing her feelings. She loves to be petted, touched and kissed. Her reaction is to chew on me, sort of gnawing her teeth on my arm, as he purrs. I then realized that this is out of caring, and not out of defensiveness. She does this whenever she is very happy, and it is like she is trying to kiss me but does it with her little teeth. I appreciate her for being so loving, and just show love back. Even it is in her own strange way!

Cats are very funny animals. I remember there was this one time I put water in a bowl to drink. And as she was drinking the water, she noticed a dog was standing just next to her. She used to drink a little then push the bowl with her legs to the dog, for him to drink. It was so funny and hilarious at the same time.

Cats respond to suggestions, professional trainers rely on this principle to train them. They do this by giving kitty something else to think about, she will forget about gnawing against you and put her attention elsewhere. Cats are also clean unlike dogs.

My cat didn’t sleep the night when I first got him. As soon as the lights were off, it was her time to party. She sang her lungs out, even picking on the other two cats and made a nuisance of himself. To fight her nighttime rowdiness, I kept her up all day, by waking her up every so often as she tried to nap, getting out a string with a toy on the end of it, and getting her to play till she was tired. By the end of the day, she was ready to sleep.



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